Thank you SAM ’16

By Kristen Bellini

A little over a week after finishing the student ad manager workshop my head is still buzzing with the new revenue possibilities. I made many great connections with student ad managers from other schools and got many new ideas.

During the workshop, we each presented an innovate or newly implemented revenue idea. Elon University presented implementing our video commercials or PSAs for the live broadcast tv shows.

I got the chance to learn from each school a new way to create revenue. As well as ask questions and get feedback from the other students. I was amazed at how much more we could implement to bring in revenue.

At this point, I am working on consolidating the best revenue ideas and creating our new media kit for 2016-2017 and am confident with these new ideas it is going to be a great year.

I Don’t Sell, I Solve

By Kristen Bellini

Minneapolis, MN – Training tells people what to do. Coaching shows them how to do it, and confirms their ability to repeat it competently.

Learning how to implement not only a training for our new sales associates, but also applying proper coaching skills is going to be vital for this upcoming year.

In sales, we have to:

  1. Sell ourselves
  2. Establish the client’s need
  3. Have someone buy your product

Great leaders don’t tell you what to do … they show you how it’s done,” was the main point of this lecture.  Training is important but ongoing coaching is critical since 87% of training will not stick without continued coaching.

As manager, it is my responsibility to coach the sales associates to best fit for our clients. Our goal is to grow our sales team to really take advantage of the revenue we can bring in. In order to do that, we have to establish a training program to get the ground rules. Followed up by my own commitment to coach the new associates to create a more successful year.

With this proper training and coaching, it will be possible to really motivate a sales team even when clients turn us down. It is difficult to continuously prospect new clients. I believe after today, I have the tools to do so.

To do this, I would use the “A.S.K. Principle”

Activity ~ Numbers, # sales calls, CNA’s (needs analysis), presentations
Skills ~ presentations, branding, needs analysis, overcoming objections, problem-solving Knowledge ~ products, marketing, rates, policy, process

I would then use the proper coaching techniques such as checking in, assisting the associate in setting their goals, and set their brand.

Time is Money

By Kristen Bellini

Today kicked off the start to the CMBAM conference here in Minneapolis, MN and we hit the ground running.

Our facilitator, Vince Coultis, started off the day with teaching time management. We learned that being in this leadership position as business manager makes it vital to prioritize. Our time should be split between

  1. Strategic Planning (20% of our time)
  2. Current Business Management (20%)
  3. Other Managerial and Administrative tasks (20%)
  4. People Development (40%)

The people development aspect is so important because we, as business managers work for our staff. It is our responsibility to motivate, strength and grow our sales associates. This relationship building fosters better communication and a team aspect that leads to sales.

Almost Off to #SAM16

By Kristen Bellini

In a few short days – I will be attending The College Media Business & Advertising Managers’ Student Ad Manager Workshop (CMBAM) in Minneapolis, MN. I am looking forward to hitting the ground running to learn the most I can about revenue building for the Elon News Network. I will have the opportunity to hear from keynote speakers who have been very successful in increasing ad revenue as well as network with other student business managers.

While there, I will also be presenting a new or innovative revenue increasing idea. For a newly implemented revenue building idea for The Elon News Network I decided to present the possibility of selling and creating a commercial to air during an ELN show. The commercial could be filmed and created by Elon students. The issue would be setting a price that covers the costs but also generates profit.

I am looking forward to reporting back more this upcoming week!

The Pendulum/ENN is Infiltrating Minneapolis

A student leader of The Pendulum and the newly formed Elon News Network (the combination of The Pendulum and “Elon Local News”), Elon University’s daily newsgathering organization, will attend the College Media Business & Advertising Managers’ Student Ad Manager Workshop July 13-16, 2016, in Minneapolis where she  will attend educational workshops and network with business professionals.

The student in attendance will be:

  • Kristen Bellini, business manager

Check this blog regularly from July 13-16 for updates from Kristen. She  will be posting quick summaries/reflections after the sessions she attends.

The Gest of Ts in NYC

By Courtney Campbell

It’s hard to believe that the #CMANYC16 was a week ago, especially because it’s spring break now. New York was filled with excitement and adventures and most importantly journalism. 

NYC was great and Hannah was the perfect partner in crime to take it on with. We walked a lot, ate some amazing bagels, had wonderful conversations with fellow student journalists and mingled with Elon alumni and people in the industry. Personally, I got a ton of contacts😉.

All of the sessions I attended were super valuable and I learned a TON. I got some great story ideas, I’m thinking more about going outside my comfort zone and I really want to create a blog for The Edge. The conference was such a valuable experience and I’m so lucky to have to opportunity to go. 

It was truly a #GTinNYC. 

In which we return to NC

by Hannah Silvers

ELON, NC — It’s only a few days after our return from NYC, and we’ve already gotten to share some of the amazing ideas we picked up at the CMA convention with our friends on staff.

I’ve already talked to Kim about using the feedback from our online critique to plan an Instagram schedule for behind-the-scenes content. We’ve come up with a tentative schedule together that we’re going to share with her social media team and Tommy to hopefully pilot after break.

Stephanie and I have talked a lot about the back page. I shared all the great ideas we got from our critique, and it seems like we have a few different ideas to try after the special edition.

We also distributed the magazines and papers we picked up from the conference, and everyone has been taking inspiration from them. The buttons are a hit, too!

It was an amazing adventure — a true #GTinNYC — and a wealth of new ideas for social media, stories and design. Hope we get to go again someday!