Digital advertising with Mollie Pointer of “The Hill”

By Alex Hager

Saturday morning, I attended talk on digital advertising with Mollie Pointer of The Hill. As a student of journalism, I have recently taken interest in the advertising world, as advertising accounts for a large portion of the industry’s revenue. Although the nature of advertising’s involvement in journalism is changing, it still plays an important role in the business side of many publications.

Pointer, who also spent time working in Atlantic Media’s advertising department, shared facts and statistics about the nature of web ads and their engagement. As tastes change and adblock becomes more and more prominent, the outlook for the relevancy of advertising is fairly dismal.

I asked Pointer what a journalist, like myself, should know about advertising within the media industry, while still working as a reporter. She said that many people are ingrained in the long help principle of keeping the newsroom and the publication’s business department strictly separate, but by cooperating, the two can create a strategy that includes better, more relevant ads.


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