ACPDC Parting Thoughts

By Alex Hager

After a jam-packed weekend, the ENN team is safely back on campus, and I have a moment to look back on an eventful ACP 2016.

Overall, I have very positive reviews of the ACP conference. I was busy all day, and I really felt like I got a lot of value out of the sessions. While some of the sessions were a bit of a miss, other speakers delivered information that can tangibly help my efforts as a journalist and can help improve ENN through my contributions.

For example, the talk with Charlie Weaver from Oregon’s Daily Emerald helped me understand how to reach new audiences through entertaining content, without letting that content interfere with the publication’s hard-news journalism.

Some of the sessions were niche and skill-based, but others, like the panel with writers from ESPN’s “The Undefeated” were a fantastic opportunity just to hear different perspectives from people in the business.

And, of course, the keynotes were a highlight. Hearing from Bob Woodward and Edward Snowden was an absolute treat, and they provided legitimately helpful tips to young journalists.

Although I had less opportunities to network with student journalism peers than I had hoped, I still talked to a number of other journalists from all across the country, and comparing our news outlets’ styles and habits really helped me get some perspective.


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