Snowden keynote an amazing experience

By Bryan Anderson

The keynote speakers have been remarkable throughout the course of this conference. Today proved to be no exception as Edward Snowden spoke today. It was remarkable to see the man behind the NSA revelations and learn more about the person.

One of the more interesting parts of the keynote occurred when he started talking about his selfless motives for leaking classified information about the government’s massive data collection program.

I was surprised to hear him explain how he thought the story would only stay in the news for about five days. When he said surveillance technologies have outpaced democratic control, I felt fearful about the security of the American people. I found it humorous how he began his presentation talking about how journalists are the ones who like him the most.

The only areas of disappointment for me was that the line was too long to ask him a question and that he had offered lengthy responses that did not directly answer questions at time. While I’m happy the moderator did not interject, I wish some of Snowden’s responses could have been trimmed so more questions could have been asked.


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