Rule with an iron fist but wear a velvet glove

Emmanuel Morgan

By far the best session I went to in the convention was “Rule with an iron fist but wear a velvet glove.” It basically talked about how to manage people on your staff properly and effectively. I also went to ESPN’s The Undefeated office after this session and talked to one of my mentors about this topic.What they both said is that everyone is different and that you have to tailor your treatment of someone to compliment your strengths. College media is supposed to be a building block for you to learn, to gain experience  and to have fun— its not supposed to make you feel overwhelmed, stressed and frustrated. If you are continuing to feel that way, then something needs to change, whether that be letting go of someone who repeately  slacks or changing an organizational issue. staggering and being stricter on deadlines will erase some headaches, and mentoring reporters on how to become better writers will make life easier in the long run for both writers and editors. listening to my mentor and going to this session was really eye-opening and I will definitely use these tactics in the future.


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