Round two with Bob Woodward

Stephanie Hays

Yesterday I had the chance to listen to Bob Woodward speak for the second time. I was worried that he was going to give the same speech he gave to us at Elon, but that fear was alleviated almost instantly. He dove into a story on the importance of showing up in-person to interviews, and tried to tailor the talk to all of the college journalists in the room.

But what ended up being my favorite part of the speech was when he said, “The purpose of education is to learn to think for yourself.” I’ve heard the question “what is the purpose of education” multiple times before, but I really enjoyed Woodward’s answer because it’s something I agree with wholeheartedly. Whether or not our education in elementary school, middle school, high school or college ever does that for us or causes us to think for ourselves, the purpose of it is. It’s what we need to strive for and work towards because thinking for ourselves is probably one of the most important things we can do, not only as journalists, but as people.


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