Edward Snowden keynote

Emmanuel Morgan

It was really cool to hear from Edward Snowden when ACP Skype him in for a keynote speech. He obviously couldn’t tell us where he was, but he spoke for about an hour and had some interesting points. His main theme was that journalist have the power and awesome responsibility to hold the government accountable when needed. Woodward touched on this when he spoke at Elon, so these two speaking so close to each other was complementary.  One quote Snowden said that was interesting to me was

“When there are people who see you are investigating the story, there might be someone who agrees with what you are saying and will reach out and help you”

People love to see reporters investigating and will normally help out if needed. Deep Throat was a good example in Watergate. This is applicable to ENN because if we show that we genuinely want to report the truth, the community will more likely than not try to help us out.


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