Free to be me

Stephanie Hays

This morning I attended the session called “Free to be me and willing to work for it,” by Ken McCoy. It was an exuberant and amusing session filled with plenty of stories from his 32 years of experience being a freelance photographer.

While his anecdotes were funny, I wish there was a little more advice in the talk itself. I did get some good notes about the importance of connecting with people, keeping your credentials on you at all times, pitching your own opportunities and stories, and listening to your gut feeling. But I felt as though a lot of the talk was being geared toward freelance photography, and not how to be yourself and getting in the mindset of success.

There was plenty of time for questions at the end of the talk, but some people were asking very personal questions that needed tailored answers. And I’ve never been a fan of that.

Overall I thought it was a fun talk, but I wish it had a little more direction, and a little more I could apply to life outside of being a freelance photographer.


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