‘Story ideas are your currency in journalism’

By Christina Elias

The Washington Post‘s Katie Mettler and Jessica Contrera teamed up to discuss how to get creative with story ideas in the newsroom when you’re grasping for last-minute inspiration.

While some of their advice was a refresher in how to localize topics and make them relevant to specific audiences, their other pieces of advice were things that were simple to start doing, but often overlooked.

Both Mettler and Contrera emphasized the importance of just consuming any and all news – local, national, print, digital, radio, television, social media and so on. They said making those and other stories relatable to your audiences is the key and the importance of creating good connections with potential sources cannot be overstated.

Being able to pinpoint important tidbits and turn them into narrow, achievable and unique stories is a valued skill when striving to work for a news outlet of any type.


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