Editor-in-Residence session very helpful

By Bryan Anderson

I was able to meet with Bill Elsen, former editor of The Washington Post, for 20 minutes. The editor-in-residence session allowed me to get feedback on my resumé and talk about the internship recruiting process.

The greatest takeaway for me was hearing him talk about the emphasis placed on certain application materials over the other. He explained how the clips are the most important items an evaluator takes into consideration when reviewing applications. He then said the cover letter or personal biography is of great importance. The cover letter and clips are more heavily examined, he said. Though the resumé is important, Elsen told me it offers limited information about a person’s character and ability.

When he reviewed my resumé, he told me relevant coursework might not be a worthwhile section to include. I told him I replace relevant coursework with references if there is not a separate section for inserting references in the application materials. This session was quite helpful toward furthering my understanding of how to be competitive in the internship hiring process. Elsen was kind enough to pass along his contact information to me for us to keep in touch about the progress of my Washington Post summer internship application.


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