Donna Brazile keynote informative, but Q&A responses a bit disappointing

By Bryan Anderson

On Thursday night, I got to attend a keynote address from Donna Brazile, interim chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The talk itself was about 35 minutes long and fairly informative. Brazile criticized Republican Donald Trump for not agreeing to accept the election results. She also defended the DNC from criticisms of favoring Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders during the primary phase of the electoral process. She also spoke critically of Russian hacking attempts to influence the general election. It was the Q&A portion that was of most interest to me because I was able to ask a question.

I was the first in line at the microphone, and when it was my turn to speak, I asked if the primary process was rigged and what, if anything, is the DNC planning to do to make the process fairer. I specifically mentioned Bernie Sanders capturing 54 percent of the popular vote in Wyoming but losing in total delegates 11-7. I also mentioned how Clinton captured more than 90 percent of support from superdelegates. Brazile said she views the term “rigged” as an instance where somebody blatantly corrupts the results of the election. For this reason, she does not consider the Democratic primaries to have been “rigged.”

On the note of ways to make the process fairer, she defended the superdelegate system and said they are unpledged and free to vote for the candidate they prefer. She does not envision this system changing. In general, Brazile dodged this portion of the question by saying the DNC is exploring changes. I was disappointed she didn’t elaborate on what those changes might look like or when those changes might take place. Brazile also went on a few tangent of talking about the importance of voting and getting one’s voice heard. Despite these issues, the keynote address was a worthwhile experience I was happy to attend.


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