Digital news is all about delivery

By Christina Elias

The New York Times‘ Elisabeth Bumiller was supposed to describe to a room full of college journalists the 37-year process of becoming an editor at one of the nation’s most prestigious news outlets. Because she had a personal conflict, her colleague Mikayla Bouchard, a digital editor for the Times, filled in ā€“ when they announced the change in plans, I was ready to leave and find another session to attend. But I stayed on a whim, and this was one of my favorite sessions of the day.

Bouchard interacted really well with the audience and made her impromptu presentation engaging and informative. She focused on what her job is and the process it encompasses in the newsroom, beginning with three umbrella steps: conceptualization/collaboration, execution/production and audience development.

She described how the multimedia packages we consume aren’t put together at the conclusion of the reporting, but planned along with the primary reporting. We discussed strategies of how to best reach and engage our audiences after determining which demographics our organizations are reaching. Overall I was impressed with how she took over Bumiller’s time slot and made it her own!


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