Al Drago (practically) convinces me to get Snapchat

By Bryan Anderson

Al Drago is an amazing person beyond a shadow of a doubt. He is fantastic when it comes to social media and is a photography wizard. I have been reluctant to get Snapchat and Instagram because I don’t think as many users utilize those platforms to consume news. I recently got an Instagram and have been debating on whether or not to delete it as I seldom use it. I’ve also been debating whether to get on Snapchat.

During Drago’s talk, “Snapchat success: Reporting live 10 seconds at a time,” he highlighted some of the news values I had failed to recognize in both platforms. He talked about how to create stories, gain a group of followers and increase audience engagement. In his talk, Drago said Snap has a 90 percent engagement rate. He also mentioned how the ability to touch a story to interact with it increases the extent to which users will engage with the platform. The most important lesson of the day was that Snapchat prioritizes content creation over consumption, while Instagram flips that formula.

Drago did a tremendous job describing the similarities and differences between the two social networking applications. For instance, he uses Snapchat to tell quick story on the go from his mobile device. On Instagram, he posts higher quality professional photos. While I’m still reluctant to get on Snapchat, he opened my mind to the possibilities the medium has to offer. I particularly loved his Snapchat story on the Wizard of Oz!


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