Pre-ACP expectations

By Alex Hager

We’re on the way up to the 2016 ACP College Media Conference, and I’m writing this live from our van traveling northbound on I-95. I’m excited to attend the conference this weekend, as it looks to be a fun and informative experience. First of all, our team of ENN journalists and designers will have the opportunity to attend all manner of sessions to develop our news skills — skills we can bring back to the newsroom at Elon. Most importantly, though, we’ll have the opportunity to network with industry professionals and college media peers.

I’m particularly excited to meet other student journalists from across the country. I have a number of friends and colleagues studying journalism across the country, and I can’t wait to connect with even more. It’s fascinating to compare the standards, practices, and styles of newspapers, TV stations, and radio stations run by students across the country.

I hope to help ENN set national standards for student media, and attending this conference is a huge step in that direction. By learning from professionals and peers, I’m confident that we will be able to shape our reporting, on every platform, using skills and insight obtained at the conference this weekend.


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