ACP Convention Preview

By Bryan Anderson

I am looking forward to attending the different sessions at the 2016 ACP Conference. I hope to have an editor review my resumé Friday morning and offer feedback on what could be done to strengthen my prospects of working with a national publication next summer.

Because the Elon News Network is a newly converged organization with print and broadcast divisions, I would like to know what our organization could do to bridge previous divides from those who previously worked exclusively in one department. It is the ultimate goal of our organization to have reporters comfortable with both mediums, so I would like to hear from speakers on what our leadership should be doing to encourage students to be well rounded and open to developing new sets of skills. This conference will offer us the opportunity to get feedback on our print publication and our website, so I am very much looking forward to exploring ways we can improve our products.

On a personal level, I would like to learn more about analytical tools for data journalism. As a Journalism and Media Analytics double major, I am interested in hearing from speakers who incorporate a lot of data into their stories to discover patterns and flesh out stories.


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