I Don’t Sell, I Solve

By Kristen Bellini

Minneapolis, MN – Training tells people what to do. Coaching shows them how to do it, and confirms their ability to repeat it competently.

Learning how to implement not only a training for our new sales associates, but also applying proper coaching skills is going to be vital for this upcoming year.

In sales, we have to:

  1. Sell ourselves
  2. Establish the client’s need
  3. Have someone buy your product

Great leaders don’t tell you what to do … they show you how it’s done,” was the main point of this lecture.  Training is important but ongoing coaching is critical since 87% of training will not stick without continued coaching.

As manager, it is my responsibility to coach the sales associates to best fit for our clients. Our goal is to grow our sales team to really take advantage of the revenue we can bring in. In order to do that, we have to establish a training program to get the ground rules. Followed up by my own commitment to coach the new associates to create a more successful year.

With this proper training and coaching, it will be possible to really motivate a sales team even when clients turn us down. It is difficult to continuously prospect new clients. I believe after today, I have the tools to do so.

To do this, I would use the “A.S.K. Principle”

Activity ~ Numbers, # sales calls, CNA’s (needs analysis), presentations
Skills ~ presentations, branding, needs analysis, overcoming objections, problem-solving Knowledge ~ products, marketing, rates, policy, process

I would then use the proper coaching techniques such as checking in, assisting the associate in setting their goals, and set their brand.


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