Should The Edge get a blog?

By Courtney Campbell


As a monthly publication that consistently produces engaging content, I am proud to say I am apart of The Edge — others want to be a part of it too, just not as much. With only four issues a semester, it’s hard to delegate additional content when there’s a few stories taken up by staff.

This is where a blog could come in.

In “Blogs to the Rescue” the students at SCAD¬†explained how they saved the involvement of students in the paper by creating The Manor, a fashion blog. Many students were interested in writing, but they weren’t a huge fan of traditional journalism and would rather cover fashion — a huge community at SCAD. Instead The Manor pulls the fashion-minded in and also gives them a different creative outlet that is still journalism.

I was a bit skeptical at first — it seemed like they were giving up on reporting and new in general. But after asking a few website I feel like blogging is a skill that our staff could benefit from. It could give each student a voice while adding for more digital content for The Edge.

I’m not saying The Edge shouldn’t report like traditional journalists, but it could give us an opportunity to find a niche to cover once a week and pull in more contributors, involving more of Elon’s campus.


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