Relearning CMC basics and then some

By Courtney Campbell

Every so often I am forced to fiddle around with InDesign late on a Monday night, so I thought it would be beneficial to attend “Tips and Tricks in Photoshop and InDesign” with Laura Schaub. A lot of the session was a recap on things I learned back in good ol’ CMC like resolution and brightening photos, which was a good refresher.

Since we don’t all have these programs on our computers, it was a lot of watching and note taking. I wish it was more hands on because I’m an active learner, but that was simply not possible.

A lot of the tricks she taught were about altering photos by removing objects or changing the color, which is obviously not allowed to be published in the paper. Schaub did show us step-by-step how to do clean cutouts (I know Colin has been harping on this), so I’m definitely going to try this soon and show some of the design team.

Bonus: I now know how to clear my face for my next profile picture.


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