When you attend the wrong session

By Courtney Campbell

At least I learned something from it.

Navigating where the different sessions are held can be a challenge, especially if you’re running a tad late. I was planning on going to “Being a Designer, Reporter, Mapper, Coder and Illustrator at The New York Times” in the Riverside Ballroom. Instead I went to “Skills for the Brand Content World” in Riverside SUITE. See the confusion?

Anyways. Though I was planning on learning about the dope graphics The New York Times create, I learned about the editorial content that’s used in PR. Basically, to represent different companies you have to get inside their head and write tweets and blogs posts to match their brand. Praytell, the company that presented, are also cool, hip people that have made a brand from themselves as well.

This doesn’t apply much to The Pendulum, we can all learn from developing our own voices in our Twitters and blogs and following others that match our interests. Once you have one, it creates a major stand out factor.

Also there’s plenty of opportunities to write tweets for celebrities in PR — if you have the voice to do it.


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