Landing an internship with what you got

By Courtney Campbell

It has been a busy day thus far in NYC and I have attended three sessions straight and they keynote speaker. I am currently very sore and walked approximately 34,000 steps yesterday, so I have been hobbling to each session but morale is high.

My first session was “Working With What You’ve Got: Landing Top Job Internships and Jobs With Limited Resources” and the speaker Alexis Reliford from Time Inc. was incredible. Not only has she had three jobs in the magazine industry since graduating last May, but she did so commuting from a small school in her hometown. Talk about #goals.

She gave us numerous tips throughout the session to build ourselves by having:

  • Campus Experience – not only doing student media, but also doing leadership roles outside of journalism that can be applied to communications, like a PR position in a sorority
  • Virtual Experience – writing IMPRESSIVE stories for sites like Her Campus, The Oddessy and USA Today College
  • A Personal Brand – start a blog and create a professional portfolio that represents you. Bonus points if you design it yourself
  • A Network – but not in the conventional way. Reliford recommends searching for people who have the internship you want and ask them questions

The biggest takeaway I got was that getting an internship might not be in the most conventional way and just because someone did one thing to get one doesn’t mean you should to. Now time to update my online portfolio.


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