In which I learned and taught at the same time

by Hannah Silvers

NEW YORK CITY — As managing editor, it’s part of my job to make sure no one rips anyone else’s head off. To a certain extent. So I jumped at the opportunity to attend the “We can work it out” session with Richard Conway.

He provided us a handy-dandy handout detailing some organization sources of staff conflict as well as a few techniques for dealing with behavioral problems. But we didn’t actually spend that much time reviewing the handout or talking about problem-solving tips and tricks.

Instead, we devoted more than half of our time to discussing actual problems students and adviser are dealing with. Anyone who we had time for shared stories and asked for feedback.

Everyone was very open and helpful — especially Conway, who took the first crack at many of the conflicts audience members brought up.

While I didn’t volunteer any problems from The Pendulum (you can all breathe easy), I actually found myself having things to contribute to the conversation. In fact, more than one of the worries reported by students and advisers were worries I’d had in the past or am still working on fixing.

I was able to share my experience, and I even saw a few audience members (students and faculty alike!) writing down some of what I had to say, which was aMAYzing.

There was one strategy in particular we discussed as a room that I think will be helpful for bringing us into better communication as a staff. I’m going to discuss it with Tommy when I get back, so stay tuned!

I’m a little afraid I’m going to get hit by a cab, but it’s still a #GTinNYC!


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