In which a Pendulum alumn kills it IRL 10 seconds at a time

by Hannah Silvers

NEW YORK CITY — When Courtney and I saw Elon and Pendulum alumni Al Drag0 ’15 on the program for the conference, we knew we had to go see him. And when we saw he was presenting on Snapchat, we knew we had to go Snapchat him, too.


Al Drago ’15 had everyone laughing.

The former photo editor of The Pendulum talked about his job as a photographer for Roll Call Newspaper, a political newspaper based on Washington, D.C. (obviously). But really, he talked about how he uses the access his job affords him to build his Snapchat fame.

What I thought was the coolest part of the presentation were Al Drago’s presentation of his Snapchat stories. He talked us through how he made each engaging, talking about everything from text placement to background music.

His techniques made a lot of sense, even for platforms other than Snapchat. For example, he talked about how important it is to change up the backdrop of standups. We can apply that idea to design for the newspaper as well as Instagram posts.

Of course, though, his presentation got me thinking about the potential setup of a Pendulum Snapchat account. Of course, we’ve been throwing around the idea for a while, but Al Drago gave me some ideas of what we would feature on a Snapchat that we couldn’t pull off on other platforms.

Stay tuned for more #GTinNYC with me and Courtney! And Colin. He’s getting salty about being left off of posts.


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