@aldrago shares his Snapchat fame

By Courtney Campbell

Elon University alumni and king of Snapchat Al Drago gave a session on how to use the social media app for something other than face swaping. Drago has daily stories of his fabulous adventures as a photographer for Roll Call Newspaper.

As an avid watcher of his story, obviously I had to go–and Snapchat him too.


Al Drago showing his return to Snapchat after a brief hiatus.

This presentation really appealed to us millenials, so it was no surprise the room was packed. Drago gave us a rundown of the history of Snapchat and explained to us that what makes it different than other social media platforms is that it has a 90 percent engagement rate — aka all the stories we watch through.

Drago went through some of his saved stories — some funny, some serious — and walked us through how he creates them with careful planning. In some stories he’ll play music to make it more interesting and always varies the angles and background of his shots. Even though I have seen them before, I never really considered the thought that goes into his compelling mini news stories.

Though Snapchat is fun to share snippets of our lives for 24 hours, Drago has managed to make a brand for himself and has a huge following, which is really cool. This got me thinking how I can use Snapchat to get my followers excited for the stories I’m writing. Maybe I’ll get started on a Pendulum account — run by yours truly.


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