Preparing for #CMANYC16 aka #GTinNYC

By Courtney Campbell

Elon, N.C. — Tomorrow Hannah and I will be going to New York City for the College Media Association Spring Convention. Despite leaving at an extremely early time (4:45 a.m.), I could not be more PUMPED.

This will be my first major conference for The Pendulum and I could not imagine a more exciting place to go. Since its only Hannah and I, were going to have a lot of ground to cover, but I’m going to try and get the most out of the convention. Here’s what I’m planning on doing:

  • As Style Editor for both The Pendulum and the Edge, I want to attend sessions that are pertinent to both the newspaper and magazine. I saw a few on magazine writing and features reporting as well as some that apply to me specifically, like landing that job in NYC — all of which I want to attend. Elon’s very own alum Al Drago will be giving a talk on Snapchat, so I’ll definitely check that out too.
  • I’m planning to attending the website critique with Hannah, so it will be interesting to know what our volunteer advisor has to say about our online content. Specifically, I want to know about the Style section and what my team and I can do to better our online presence.
  • With many other student organizations at the convention, I want to take the time to mingle with other schools when taking a break from sessions. I want to know what they doing and covering and see how The Pendulum can apply it to our own reporting. Also since Hannah and I are splitting up and I get lonely and chatty, it shouldn’t be hard to make some new friends.
  • New York City is an excellent opportunity to do some networking, whether it’s with speakers, schools and alumni. Colin set up an Elon alumni gathering on Sunday, which I am also planning on going to to see how graduates are surviving the city. I’m hoping to get valuable advice from them that I’ll share with the rest of the staff.

Overall, I’m going to try and get the most of the experience and have a GT in NYC!


One thought on “Preparing for #CMANYC16 aka #GTinNYC

  1. Have a great experience, Courtney — and Hannah. We’ll be following along occasionally from back here at shiny Elon. Usually lots of student journalists are there to meet. You have good weather this year (I think). Sometimes we had to endure snow and slush, which reduced the joy of trekking around the city. Hope you return with three or four solid points to apply to sharpen up the Pendy’s operation.

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