Getting ready for a #GTinNYC

By Hannah Silvers

ELON, N.C. — It’s T-1 day before Courtney and I head up to New York for the College Media Association convention, and I COULD NOT be more excited.

hermione excited

This will be my first time traveling to represent The Pendulum at a conference outside of North Carolina, so I’m one part nervous and sixty parts ready to soak up everything the convention has to offer. Specifically:

  • I’ll be attending both the newspaper and online critique, full 50-minute time slots with a volunteer advisor, which I can fill with whatever I want. I’ve been talking to some other members of exec staff to see what people want feedback on so I’ve got an idea of what to talk about. I think these critiques are going to be really great, especially if I go in with a plan. My goal is to leave the critiques with comments for every section.
  • There are too many sessions to choose from, so I’ll have to be really picky about which I attend. My goal for sessions: attend as many as I can that are outside my comfort zone. As someone without much of a background in reporting, for example, I’ll want to attend some sessions that will give me lots of new information to take away on that topic.
  • I’ll be on the lookout the entire time for any and every copy of another organization’s publication that I can find. I think it’s so important to find inspiration in the excellent work of others, so I’ve already made it my mission to not leave empty-handed. And if I can exchange papers and in-person feedback with some people I meet, even better. Which brings me to…
  • Courtney and I are going together, but we’re planning on splitting up so we can collectively go to more sessions and meet more people. I think it’s only smart to use the convention as a time to get into contact with the brains and hearts behind awesome student publications across the country!

Overall goal: Dive in, soak everything up and make The Pendulum proud!


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