Inspiration and dedication

By Stephanie Hays

I may be a bit late posting my final thoughts about the Austin convention, considering we got back three days ago. But I think the timing still worked out alright considering The Pendulum came out today, the first one we’ve printed since we’ve gotten back from Austin. The first paper that has all the inspiration and excitement that came from the coffee fueled, student-media driven weekend.

Personally, I think it turned out pretty well. I talked to my design team about taking risks and making visually dynamic pages. We leafed through the nearly 20 different papers I picked up while I was there before sitting down to design our most recent paper. But it’s hard to convey the same enthusiasm and inspiration I picked up from the convention to my team. I can only hope that they felt the same way that I did (and still do).

Overall, Austin was such a valuable trip. I learned about typography, color theory, branding, and an awful lot about chicken salads. But almost more imporant than the sessions was that I got to look at so many different papers from different schools across the nation, and look at the lessons I had learned put into print. There were many front pages with great visuals, interesting design, and thoughtful presentation. I can only hope that The Pendulum also inspired some journalists there.

We also had the incredible experience of winning a Pacemaker, the second one The Pendulum has ever won. The shock and excitement I felt when they announced our name was a feeling I have rarely, if ever. And seeing the other schools, designs, and stories that won only furthered the ambition and drive to win another Pacemaker next year.

I think I ended up realizing that I love journalism more than I initially thought. And I loved being around people who felt the same way.


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