The Moment I Stepped Away

By Alex Simon

I thoroughly enjoyed all of my time in Austin. But I want to take a moment to talk about the moment I stepped away from the convention.

I went to visit a friend at St. Edward’s University Saturday afternoon. We had coffee for an hour, and then went to the Br. Vincent Pieau Residence to visit a high school teacher. When there, I met Brother Charles, of whom the Brother Charles Service Award is named after from my high school. I was a two-time recipient of the award in high school (see 2010 and 2012), which honors students who do behind-the-scenes work that help the school.

Those two awards carry a significant meaning to me. To meet the person who the awards are named after is a memory I will cherish, and it is a personal highlight of our time in Austin.

I wouldn’t have been able to do that without traveling for The Pendulum. And no more than two hours later, getting to witness the shock and joy that fellow staff members had over winning the Online Pacemaker Award reminded myself of how I looked after winning the Brother Charles Service Award.

The chance to connect two major events, one a personal moment and the other a group achievement, in one afternoon is something that hasn’t truly sunk in yet. But I know when it does, I won’t be able to get the smile off my face.

Not for a while.


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