Get it right

Hali Tauxe

It’s better to be right than first. Never assume. Check your politics at the door. Never trade integrity for celebrity. This is just some of the advice Journalist Cathy Conley offered the students gathered at her session “The DNA of the American Journalist: How to Survive and Thrive in a world of Deadlines, Death, and Destruction.”

Of those three ‘Ds,’ Conley had the most to say about Deadlines. She told several cautionary tales about peers who had published misinformation in the race to break a story. She spoke about how these mistakes had cost journalists the respect of the public, citing a Gallup pole that determined 60% of Americans no longer trust the mass media. And finally, she urged us to be the generation that earns it back, by standing up to our editors and the pressures of instant news and demanding the time to get it right.


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