Credit where credit’s due

By Michael Bodley

About 48 hours ago, I sat mouth-open inside a ballroom in Austin as The Pendulum was selected for a 2015 Online Pacemaker Award. It still hasn’t quite sunk in.

The Pendulum has been nominated for an Online Pacemaker — considered one of the most prestigious honors in college media and awarded by the Associated College Press — for three years before this, and we’ve come up short each year. In 2009, and also in Austin, The Pendulum won its first (and only, so far) Newspaper Pacemaker.


Pendulum staffers in Austin after the award. 

It’s humbling. It’s fulfilling. And it’s proof-in-plaque-form of the endless hours logged by Pendulum staffers. From interviewing to designing, tweeting to color-correcting, staff members of The Pendulum constantly work toward making this a better organization. Much of that happens out of sight.

But it never happens out of a soon-to-graduate editor’s mind. In the above picture, I’m holding the plaque. But the recognition shouldn’t go to me. Please extend the congratulations to the dozens and dozens of staffers who have toiled to tack The Pendulum toward an online-first direction. Please thank them for making this a better news source with each passing semester.

I can’t wait to see what The Pendulum goes on to do after I’m gone. Expect great things.

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