Nudity, profanity, and Pulp Fiction part 2

By Stephanie Hays

Okay, so there wasn’t much nudity, and there wasn’t any Pulp Fiction, which was pretty disappointing since Pulp Fiction is one of my favorite movies. So that was a serious downgrade from the previous talk.

“Chicken Salad 2,” Michael Koretzky’s second talk about revamping college newspapers was similar to “Chicken Salad” but the second installment tore the newspapers apart even more, and then pieced them back together after rewriting headlines, ledes, and redesigning the front page.

While I wasn’t a fan of some of his designs (they tend to look like tabloids), his sentiment was good. Our pages are blank and we can do anything we want on them. We shouldn’t box ourselves into old-style designs that have been around for the past 20 years, instead we should be bigger and bolder.

If Koretzky can design like, “The Soviet Union won the Cold War,” or like a “Sexually frustrated emo rocker,” than I can certainly design any way I want to. Maybe I’ll try, “A valet who’s sick of serving old, rich, white people,” or, “A college student who is obsessed with getting free food.” How do I design like that? I have no idea. But I can certainly try.

Koretzky actually asked if there were any Elon students in the crowd. I raised my hand, but since I’m not particularly quick-witted, I didn’t have anything clever to say about being an Elon student. And since I’m not particularly witty in general, I still don’t have anything clever to say. But maybe admitting to that is balls-y enough to gain his respect.

In actuality, he was referencing this blog, and how the year before someone wrote in their review that he told them to design like “The Soviet Union won the Cold War.” He said that wasn’t his intention, his intention was to tell us we can design in any way we want. This year though, I hope I got the right message.

He finished up by telling us that, “if you do not screw up in college, I do not respect you.” Maybe if I try designing like a valet, it’ll turn out terrible. And that’s fine. We need to try, and fail, and try again. That’s how we get better. So Koretzky, lets raise a glass to hoping The Pendulum has many screw-ups in the future.


One thought on “Nudity, profanity, and Pulp Fiction part 2

  1. You weren’t “a fan” of all my designs? How dare you disrespect your elder. I will say, however, this is one of the funnier posts I’ve read on this blog over the years. You may not be “quick-witted” in person and on the spot, but you are witty with words.

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