Spicing things up a bit

By Tommy Hamzik

There’s something to be said for never being satisfied, or never being stagnant with your workflow and your job. Obviously, it’s necessary to revamp a little when things are bad, but it’s also important to rethink it even when they’re bad.

I feel as if I’m always looking to improve not only my own journalistic ability, but that of The Pendulum’s staff. That’s why I went to the session titled “More than Stayin’ Alive: Ideas to Reinvent Your Student Media Operations.”

The three presenters gave some solid tips about how they reworked things at their respective schools, and one shared the results of a survey they conducted about the work student media do. The most beneficial had to do with the business side of things and how more ads can be sold and people reached through new distribution methods.

And, as Charlie Weaver of Emerald Media Group put it, “If you’re not ready to be a lifelong learner in this industry you better look for another job.”

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