Lets talk redesign

Stephanie Hays

The moment that the speakers announced that they had just redesigned their newspaper at Appalachian State University, I was pretty excited. Since we are currently in the process of redesigning The Pendulum, I thought the talk couldn’t be more pertinent.

The speakers, Malik Rahili and Samantha Cordialini, started off talking about the five basic fundamentals of design. It was a little dull for me since I had learned all this before, but it certainly would be useful for everyone there that didn’t have a design background.

However, when they got to talking about their redesign, I was a little bit disappointed. Besides their advice about not waiting for approval before you start designing, I felt like they just talked about their own newspaper. They showed the process of their redesign and the different stages the paper had gone through. It was interesting to see, but I didn’t find it particularly applicable to our redesign. It was a little too much of them talking about what they had done and not enough advice on how to do it yourself.

Overall, a little disappointing.


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