The joys of typography

Stephanie Hays

I love typefaces. They can be bold and loud, or curly and fun, or sleek and modern. They can be serif or sans-serif, cursive or script. And they can be any size, any thickness, and laid out in any way. The opportunities are endless. So when I saw the session titled, “Just Your Type,” by Laura Schaub, I knew I had to go.

Schaub talked about the seven different kinds of typefaces, what they implied to the reader, what to use and not to use for body copy, headlines, graphic titles, and more. She showed us endless examples of how to use contrasting typefaces, overlapping text, italics, in order to engage the reader. And the entire time, I took notes furiously.

The talk was fascinating, and almost more importantly, inspiring. The whole time I was there I was dreaming up new ways to lay out headlines and pages for the newspaper. I was thinking about different typefaces that I liked and could look up on the internet and use for our paper. And to attend a talk that inspired me to work on the paper is all I could really ask for in a session.

One bad thing to say about it? Near the end of the session it just turned into different examples of text, with no new information. But honestly, I didn’t mind at all.


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