Recognition for a Problem

By Alex Simon

AUSTIN — I stepped into the session titled “Hitting the Wall: Student Media Access at Private Universities” under orders from my two bosses, Tommy Hamzik and Michael Bodley. We had a critique scheduled during that time, and they had to be at the critique, but wanted me to go to the session.

And boy, am I glad I did.

Talking with Hillary Warren of Otterbein University and Frank LoMonte of the Student Press Law Center opened my eyes to a lot of challenges I could overcome at Elon. I’ve already used the resource LoMonte showed to look up Elon further, in efforts to know more about the university.

And, in regards to our town and university’s police situation, both LoMonte and Warren knew of Elon and of the issues that The Pendulum and its students have had in regards to access.

I guess Elon has some street cred at these conventions.


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