Breaking down the ethics of breaking news

By Caroline Fernandez 

I’m happy to say that I also found the second session of the day productive and a good use of my time. The discussion on breaking news ethics left me with valuable ideas I can hopefully bring back the Elon’s student media.

A message that resonated the most with me from the session was the idea that an ethics policy should be clearly communicated and established by individual organizations. The main questions of who will be involved, the steps news will be communicated and how the news will be communicated in a breaking news situation are things that have not been clearly set in stone at The Pendulum. The motivation to do so was well-said at the session.

Develop an ethics policy you work from for handling breaking news before you find yourself in a fast moving story.

With this in mind, as well as other beneficial tips provided by the session, hopefully we can return to Elon and in the future put a cohesive breaking news structure in place.


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