A Reaction in the Tweets

By Alex Simon

In the first session I attended today, Suzanne Haliburton of the Austin American-Statesman held a discussion session called “How to Survive in the Ever-Changing World of Sports Journalism and Have a Kickass Time” in Room 402.

In her discussion with the room, Haliburton touched on a wide variety of topics, fielding questions both school-specific and big-picture. When asked about the current state of reporting, she said: “The ability to report is getting easier & harder.” Her reasoning is that social media gives reporters more direct access to players than reporters could have otherwise, which makes it easier, but the rumors that can circulate off of that and being able to distinguish rumors from facts is getting harder and harder.

Below is a conversation started off of my tweets about those opinions of Haliburton:

Don’t current limits on access — at college and pro level — make things way more difficult?

she completely agreed, but said players sending tweets & posting IG pics can give reporters quotes w/o direct access

Awfully different from chatting them up in the locker room after a game. Tweets/IG almost negate need for reporter.

because quoting social media posts is an excellent measure of a journalist’s ability to gather quotes.

I wouldn’t use ‘so blessed for the opportunity to play for Marshall u ‘ in a story.


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