A good mix-up

Stephanie Hays

I thought I was going to a session on color theory and inspiration, and being the nerdy designer that I am, I was pretty excited. But when I got there, the speaker, Randy McCauley from Texas A&M, informed us that there had been a mix-up and he was here to give us a talk called “Brand Yourself”. At first I was disappointed. But in the next 50 minutes, he changed my mind with a great talk about brand loyalty, building a brand from scratch, and turning around a bad brand.

What stuck out to me was how to build up a brand and make it well known. He suggested doing promotions, giveaways (everyone loves a free t-shirt), engaging with the community on social media, sending out emails, and hosting events for the public. And when creating a logo, it’s important to think of key words, phrases and themes and then translating those to visual images.

At the end, he left ample time for students to ask questions, and I think it’s a sign of a good talk when hands were in the air right up until the class was over.

Overall, it was an engaging and fascinating talk. And that class on color theory? It turns out its tomorrow, same time, same room, and same speaker. I’ll be there. But the mix-up turned out better than I would have anticipated, I still got a great talk, and had a great time.


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