Austin awaits

By Caroline Fernandez

Hello again, Pendulum Convention Blog. Here we are again, one year later, anticipating the potential growth and development that will come from this year’s conference. But this year, we’re headed West to Texas instead of up to Philadelphia.

I’m just as eager to attend this year’s conference, but this time, different opportunities drive my excitement. Last year when I was preparing for Philadelphia, I was looking forward to new ideas that could come from sessions.

For proof, here’s an excerpt of what I said in the pre-departure post for the 2014 ACP/CMA Conference in Philadelphia:

I hope to engage in a diversity of sessions that will expand my thinking of Journalism and design. I then hope to bring back all that we learn to share with others at The Pendulum as we continue to grow as a student media organization.

This time, in addition to gaining new ideas and ways to make The Pendulum better, I hope to learn from fellow leaders of student media organizations and network with professionals.

What makes the conference even more worthwhile is the opportunity to enjoy it with fellow Pendulum peers. They say that everything is bigger in Texas. And this year, even our group is bigger, increasing the potential for more ideas, networking and maybe even some fun.


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