Datelines, journalism and conferences

By Tommy Hamzik

ELON — Yes, I put a dateline on this. That’s what reporters do.

I love datelines. And I love journalism. And I love journalism conferences, where datelines will surely be mentioned.

So that brings me to the main point of this blog post: how I’m excited to have an Austin, Texas, dateline on these posts in a few days.

Last year’s College Media conference in Philadelphia was a good learning experience for me in my previous role as sports editor, but I’m really looking forward to branching out more in Austin and attending a wide range of sessions. I’m truly fired up about the opportunity to chat with leaders of other student organizations about the challenges they face and hearing feedback about what we do at The Pendulum. I’m excited to grow as a journalist by hearing from and networking with professionals.

So let’s do this, fellow college journalists. Let’s chat about news, newspapers and digital media. Let’s tackle issues we all face in providing our communities with unbiased reporting. I’m looking forward to it.


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