Can’t Wait to Hit the City Limits

Hali Tauxe

I’ve just been scoping out the smorgasbord of sessions offered at next weekend’s Associated Collegiate Press/College Media Association conference in Austin, and I can’t wait to dig in.

I’ll be kicking off my Thursday with Photojournalism Composition that Involves the Viewer, and ending it at The Alamo Draft House with a screening of “Suffragette.”

I’ve got more great sessions planned for Friday, before and after the Keynote address–which also sounds fantastic.

Another highlight should be the Austin Photo Shoot-out, an on-site competition for student photographers which offers the chance to get professional feedback on pictures they take in Austin, over the previous few days.

This opportunity, and others such as Professionals in Residence, to get one-on-one advice from experienced pros is what I’m most excited about. Between those, and all of the other info sessions I have lined up, I’m hoping to get a sense of how I can personally hone my skills, but also what advice I can bring back to my team.

I’ll be devoting the majority of my time to photojournalism areas, since there are too many good opportunities to miss.  But I also want to take advantage of some of the sessions that will hep me understand how we fit into the bigger picture, as it were.  I hope to bring these insights back to The Pendulum, to help our photo team to become journalists as well as photographers.


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