Tracking down high school kids for a living

By Tommy Hamzik

Chris Moore is a writer for the ACC Sports Journal, and I absolutely love his Twitter bio.

It reads: “Mostly talk to high school kids for a living.”

I had that in mind throughout the session I went to called “Covering Recruiting” with Matt Breen of the Philadelphia Inquirer and John DiCarlo of

I covered all of my high school’s teams for two years, and I do a lot of preps coverage while freelancing for the Burlington Times-News, so I have experience with high school kids and a general view of the recruiting process. I don’t do a ton of coverage on Elon’s recruiting efforts besides tweeting out when a player commits for football or basketball.

The biggest takeaway I got from the session is how crucial Twitter is. Breen emphasized the need to follow kids who could potentially commit to the school you’re covering so you can be on top of the coverage. It also hit home when he talked about doing a simple search on Twitter with the words “commit” and the school in order to find people, and hopefully the athlete, tweeting about the latest in the process — because that’s exactly what I do in covering Elon’s recruiting.

National Signing Day keeps getting bigger and people are always looking to the future, so recruiting coverage is here to stay. Time to go give some 15-year-old hoopsters the follow on Twitter.


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