How to handle conflict (or ‘How to handle a less than stellar presentation’ …)

By Caroline Fernandez

Michael and I attended a session today called Handling Conflict. When I saw this session in the guide I saw it as a very applicable topic, no matter what position I have now or in the future. Conflict arises whether we like it or not, so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to get tips on how to properly handle conflict in the newsroom.

The session had a few basic common sense points that had no impact on me. A basic presentation at the beginning turned into unnecessary and long winded anecdotes and personal accounts by the presenter. He gave way too detailed descriptions of conflicts in his own newsroom that left us with little takeaway and information.

The presentation lasted only about 20 minutes and he left the remaining 30 minutes for questions and answers, which turned into a self-help and therapy session for a few select audience members. Their stories were so long and conflicts so specific that I didn’t get much out of them.

As my fellow Pendulum trip-goers know, I am generally quite positive and try to find the bright side in all situations. In this situation, there unfortunately wasn’t much of a bright side as I wasted a crucial time slot when I could have been attending other interesting sessions.


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