Finding my voice

By Jonathan Black

With only one semester at school left, I’ve been asked a lot about what I wand to do. Do I want to work for magazine, newspaper or website?

Honestly, I don’t know. Newspaper would be the easiest answer, as it’s what I have the most experience in, but I’ve always felt a bit restricted by the writing technicalities until recently.

I hoped “Writing with Voice in Narrative and Other Features,” would help me answer that question. David Simpson, who worked at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and is no an adviser at Georgia Southern University, led the session.

Newspaper are beginning to adapt, and the traditional writing structure isn’t always the best technique anymore. Simpson showed us examples of writing that is effectively utilized non traditional storytelling. For example, when a reporter openly states in a story he or she is against education cuts, for example.

Simpson had some good information in the presentation, but the theme of taking a risk was really what it narrows down to. This is the time do try, fail and keep plugging away.


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