Throwing down the hammer — effectively

By Tommy Hamzik

Yeah, I’ve been hearing about Michael Koretzky for the last two weeks in anticipation of this weekend. One night this past week, I finally googled him to see what all the fuss was about. And I was moderately scared entering his session called “For Editors Only: Rule With an Iron Fist Yet Wear a Velvet Glove.”

He began the session by playing the Soviet national anthem, so there’s that.

But it quickly turned into an in-your-face, intense 50 minutes that were really beneficial for me.

He went over five tools for running a newsroom and how to use your power effectively. He also gave lots of ideas and stories about running a newspaper that I truly never even thought of. It was a lot to digest in a short period of time, but I think I took good enough notes to remember what he said.

One of the first things he said really stuck out to me: “Being the editor of your paper should be the funnest job you ever have.” Sometimes I feel like I get too caught up in how busy I am and forget to enjoy myself with how cool of a position I have. So that was cool.

I really wanted one of Koretzky’s cigars (hand-rolled in Miami, he said), but I didn’t get one (insert frown face here). Oh well. I enjoyed the session.


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