The ins and outs of internships

By Caroline Fernandez

Steven Chappell, aka @comminternships, gave a surface-level presentation about the importance of having internships throughout college and how to initially get the internship.

I was hoping to get insightful and never-before-heard tips and tricks, but what I walked away with were mostly concepts I had already thought about and heard from Elon internship and career directors.

While I didn’t get as much out of the presentation as I had hoped, internship advice was brought back to the front of mind. It was a good reminder of the work and effort that needs to be put into resumes, cover letters and networking, especially as internship application deadlines are approaching and decisions need to be made.

A few things discussed:


Double, triple check resumes and cover letters. Grammar mistakes will land your app in the trash.

Dress for success

Dress like you want and deserve the job you are applying for.

Cover letter creativity

As tedious as it may be, create a specific and unique cover letter for each company. Companies want creative and specific cover letters. The more tailored it is to their company, the better.


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