Memorable lessons behind the cigars of Koretzky

By Caroline Fernandez

Michael Koretzky. There is a good chance that anyone who has been to a student media conference has heard of Koretzky, or even lived to tell the tales of his sessions.  For those who aren’t familiar with Koretzky, imagine a passionate, blunt and slightly off the wall volunteer college newspaper adviser with dark shades, a communist themed presentation and a plethora of cigars. This isn’t your typical suit and tie presenter with a black and white powerpoint. Koretzky’s quirkiness ensures that you won’t just listen, you’ll want to listen.

I had heard vague stories about him and his interactive sessions, but I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Behind his communist themed powerpoint and larger than life personality were valuable lessons for editors and newsroom leaders.

Koretzky emphasized the role of editors as managers. Aside from editing copy, a big chunk of the job is simply communicating with and managing writers and staff.

Another valid point that he had was that editors are also marketers, which is something that I have heard a lot these past few days. What’s the point of putting time and effort in if your readership is down? You must market your paper and the experience of working on the paper. It made me think about how the continued growth and improvement of The Pendulum will only happen if we can market our paper and experience to great and dedicated students.


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