Late night, deep talk

By Jonathan Black

It was 4 a.m. in the lobby and the conversation didn’t seem to be slowing down in the slightest.

I was deep in discussion with Hannah Jeffrey, editor-in-chief of USC’s Daily Gamecock; Tyler Bishop, editor-in-chief of Vanderbilt University’s The Hustler; and Claire Dodson and Hannah Lusting, editor-in-chief and managing editor of the University of Tennessee’s The Daily Beacon.

Our conversation had begun an hour earlier when Hannah and I found out The Daily Beacon is just starting to publish editorials. Additionally, The Daily Beacon is switching from broadsheet to tabloid.

Anything and everything was discussed in that two-hour span. We talked about editorial boards, regrets and successes we’ve had on staff and the production process for the paper. It was more informative than any session could have been.

It will be one of the best memories I’ll have as a student journalist.

All of us spoke candidly about our time as editors and I left with a renewed appreciation of the field and some stress off my shoulders. Now if I could just catch up on sleep.


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