Day 2 was Great

By Colin Donohue

I’ll keep this brief: In a post yesterday, I re-assured myself that Day 2 of the convention was going to be good. But I was wrong. Because it was great.

Big shout outs to Kenna Griffin of Oklahoma City University for her presentation “Crazy Successful Content Promotion” and Andy Dehnart of and Stetson University for his presentation “Free Tools to Increase Your Social Media Following.” Both sessions were packed with information and innovation. Big thanks to Kenna and Andy, both of whom you should follow on Twitter @profkrg and @realityblurred.

Those sessions were followed by a wonderful keynote panel discussion about campus journalists’ role in preventing campus rape, which I’ve already written about briefly. I’m still thinking about what was discussed in that session. Really important stuff.

The day finished with a fun dinner with Pendulum students, drinks with fellow advisers and repartee with friends and colleagues. Solid Friday.



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