A second helping of chicken salad

By Kaitlin Dunn

This morning I went to Michael Koretzky’s session, Chicken Salad 2. Having gone to Koretzky’s session yesterday, I was expecting a great session, but overall I wasn’t as impressed as yesterday.

As fascinating as it is to watch the transformation of badly designed newspapers into visually appealing products, it did not escape me that all of Koretzky’s designs were geared towards tabloids.

Granted, designing tabloids is what Koretzky does for a living – and he does it quite well. However, a professional newspaper should not have the same look as a supermarket tabloid. There are two very different types of journalism in these publications and their designs should reflect that.

Aside from the design, Koretzky had some great points about rewriting stories. He is absolutely right that we should be writing things that students want to read. I think that it’s important that we strive to make our stories more palatable.


2 thoughts on “A second helping of chicken salad

  1. Here’s what I don’t get…

    At the beginning of this session, I explain the concept of “radical redesign” — I gut student newspapers and revamp them in the most extreme ways I can dream up, just to show you the possibilities you possess.

    Yet this is the second time an Elon blogger has concluded that I’m encouraging you to be all freaky and weird.

    (The first was in 2012: “I was a little bummed that he designed the majority of the pages in an alternative magazine style because it isn’t really something we can implement….I feel like he shows some things solely for shock value.”)

    Maybe I’m doing it wrong.

    • I really enjoyed both sessions and pulled a lot out of them, and even though the different page layouts you showed us were more tabloid-geared, I understood that you wanted to draw out our creativity and to remind us that it is a blank page. I wanted to recommend that you design a page for newspapers who do not run in the traditional format, but rather a square, open-book format (like my newspaper). It’s difficult to visualize some of your suggestions when all of the newspapers being edited are a traditional newspaper size.

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