Round and round the bases

By Tommy Hamzik

I was really curious as to what the session called “Roundtable: Covering College Sports” would be about. What exactly would a roundtable entail? How are others’ experiences covering college sports different than mine? Do they all love the food in the press box as much as I do?

It became my favorite session of the day. John DiCarlo, who covers Temple and is the student media adviser at Temple, was extremely conversational and put the focus on us and our own experiences. It truly was a roundtable — we had the opportunity to go around and each share something about our own work with covering college athletics and the questions we had for others.

It was really cool to hear about people’s story in a diverse range of situations — from covering an SEC football team to covering JuCo sports. Some of their stories made me thankful to have a solid sports information staff to work with at Elon. It also made me realize that the way it is at Elon isn’t how it is everywhere and that I should really be grateful for how much access I get to players and coaches.

One big thing I wrote down was DiCarlo’s statement about Twitter: “Don’t tweet something you wouldn’t say to someone’s face.” He also said to not overdo it with trying to be too witty. I instantly took both of those to heart. My general philosophy with tweeting is that if I worry for one second about whether it could possibly be bad to send the tweet, I shouldn’t send it. But I’m now adding what he said, too, because I think I really should evaluate some of what I say on Twitter.

It’s been a solid first day here in Philadelphia, complete with a trip to the market for a cheese steak. Time to do some more exploring of the city, including a trip to the steps Rocky ran on in the movies. Let’s go!


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